American Made Puzzles

We have a wide variety of specialty puzzles with more available. You have to see them to appreciate them. These puzzles will never be available at Walmart.

Precious Moments Figures

We have over a hundred collectible Precious Moments Figures to choose from. We have many classic pieces along with many limited edition collectors pieces. Prices vary by piece.

Longaberger Baskets

Many of these baskets have become discontinued. They are in a variety of sizes and all are in pristine condition.

Coca Cola Collectibles

We have a wide array of Coca Cola Collectibles. All items are in great condition and are an excellent addition for any collector.

Elliot's Essentials

We carry a variety of bath salts, fizzes, lotions, creams, soaps, and candles in different fragrances. These are all locally made and are a fantastic gift for anyone.

Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are locally Amish made. They come in a variety of sizes offering different sounds. There are also several different colors as well to match your home.

Amish Made Polywood Bird Feeders and Houses

These polywood bird feeders and houses are made by a local Amish man. They are very resistant to weather and the colors do not fade over time. These items are made for a variety of bird types and in a variety of colors. They include hanging feeders, wall / post mount houses, window mount feeders, and more.

Locally Made Sportula

These "Sportulas" were created by a group of men who were laid off by the RV industry during a business slump. Now they have increased their business and they make sportulas with almost any sports team college or professional, race team, and other various gift sportulas including hunting, firefighters, and # 1 dad. Our stock changes frequently so call or stop in to see what we have. We can also order sportulas with enough notice.
Price: $26.95